The Event

In keeping with Oxford Global’s highly successful life sciences series, an expert panel of 40 speakers will present a full conference programme covering the topics outlined below. These topics have been compiled as a result of a comprehensive research process undertaken with over 20 advisory board members including VPs, Directors, Senior Research Fellows and Professors from global pharmaceutical organisations and leading research institutions.


Stream Titles

Antibody Discovery & Development

Protein Purification, Expression & Characterisation

Engineered Antibodies

Biotherapeutics Optimisation


Day 1 Stream 1 – Antibody Discovery & Development

  • Developing Next Generation Antibodies
  • Novel Antibody Discovery Platforms
  • Advances In Antibody Screening Technologies
  • Platforms For Optimal Antibody Selection
  • Cost Effective And Time Efficient Production Strategies
  • Case Study: Generating Antibodies Using Mammalian Cells

Day 1 Stream 2 – Protein Expression, Purification & Characterisation

  • Advances In Characterisation Platforms And Processes
  • Protein Purification Tools To Enable Crystallisation
  • Novel Technologies For Maximum Protein Production
  • Novel Technologies  For Optimal Protein Expression
  • Protein Assay Methods: Producing Reliable Results
  • Protein Expression Technologies To Support Discovery

Day 2 Stream 1 – Engineered Antibodies

  • Novel Technologies In Antibody Engineering
  • Engineered Antibodies In Cancer Therapy
  • Armed Antibodies: Targeting Difficult Receptors
  • Opportunities In New Bispecific Formats
  • Case Studies: Increasing Clinical Success Rate
  • Antibody Fusions: Opportunities And Challenges

Day 2 Steam 2 – Biotherapeutics Optimisation

  • Case Studies: Limitations And Advantages Of PEGylation
  • Extending Plasma Half-Life
  • Overcoming Challenges In Protein Stability
  • Alternative Scaffolds For Novel Proteins
  • Formulation Strategies: Selecting The Optimal Biotherapeutic Candidate
  • Overcoming Immunological Challenges