The Event

In keeping with Oxford Global’s highly successful life sciences series, an expert panel of 40 speakers will present a full conference programme covering the topics outlined below. These topics have been compiled as a result of a comprehensive research process undertaken with an expert advisory board with members including Executive Directors and Professors from global pharmaceutical organisations and leading research institutions.

Stream Titles

Protein Purification & Downstream Processing
Antibody Discovery & Engineering
Protein Expression & Characterisation
Therapeutic Antibodies & Alternative Scaffolds

Day 1 Stream 1 – Protein Purification & Downstream Processing

  • Overcoming purification challenges: membrane proteins, multiprotein complexes, incorrectly folded proteins
  • Overcoming purification challenges: membrane proteins, multiprotein complexes, incorrectly folded proteins
  • Optimizing protein purification with integrated and continuous processing
  • Combined chromatography and ultrafiltration methods
  • High-throughput process development & scale-up considerations

Day 1 Stream 2 – Antibody Discovery & Engineering

  • Novel strategies for antibody engineering: Fc engineering and antibody-drug conjugates
  • Antibody library design: achieving flexibility and diversity
  • Viral and cellular display platforms: antibody selection & affinity enhancement
  • Case studies: amplification methods, in-silico modelling and humanized antibody synthesis
  • Chimerisation and screening: analysing antigen binding affinity, specificity and expression

Day 2 Stream 1 – Protein Expression & Characterisation

  • Evolving methodologies: transient expression, lentiviral expression, co-expression
  • Biophysical characterisation: higher order structure and conformation
  • Characterisation of antibody drug conjugates and new biotherapeutics
  • Novel technologies: glycosylation control, protein labelling, HDX mass spectrometry
  • Expression system case studies: bacterial, mammalian, cell-free, algae
  • Protein glycosylation: structural characterisation and analysis
  • Engineering CHO cells for optimized protein expression

Day 2 Stream 2 – Therapeutic Antibodies & Alternative Scaffolds

  • Antibodies to target ion channels
  • Immuno-oncology: insights into the next wave of antibody therapies
  • The implications of microRNAs for cancer therapy
  • Emerging armed antibody therapeutics
  • Beyond oncology: case studies in neurodegenerative diseases and inflammation
  • Novel methods to improve PK/PD and drug delivery
  • Alternative scaffolds as emerging therapeutic proteins