The Event

In keeping with Oxford Global’s highly successful life sciences series, an expert panel of 40 speakers will present a full conference programme covering the topics outlined below. These topics have been compiled as a result of a comprehensive research process undertaken with an expert advisory board with members including Executive Directors and Professors from global pharmaceutical organisations and leading research institutions.

Day 1 Stream 1 – Antibody Discovery & Engineering

  • Moving beyond mAbs: novel bispecific formats and ADCs
  • Novel ADC payloads and conjugation techniques
  • Antibody pharmacokinetics (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD)
  • New antibody discovery platforms
  • Single domain and recombinant antibody tools

Day 1 Stream 2 – Protein Expression & Characterisation

  • Emerging technologies for protein expression: imaging tools, nanodiscs and NMR
  • Membrane proteins as key drug targets: overcoming purification and expression hurdles
  • The latest updates in protein science:
    • proteomics
    • folding
    • pathway engineering
    • protein modification
  • Designing the right proteins: combatting cost of goods with early stage drug design

Day 2 Stream 1 – Therapeutic Applications of Antibodies

  • Novel bispecific antibodies and their therapeutic potential
  • Next-generation affinity reagents: recombinant and engineered antibodies, nucleic acid aptamers
  • Immuno-oncology: the latest research in targeting solid tumours
  • Alternative scaffolds and novel antibody formats

Day 2 Stream 2 – Protein Purification & Downstream Processing

  • Reducing protein production timelines with cell line development and novel disposable technologies
  • Obtaining reference standards for therapeutic proteins
  • Protein stability in pharmaceutical manufacturing:
    • storage concerns
    • extending ‘shelf life’
  • Automation and robotics to enhance processing
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