Proteins & Antibodies Sponsors 2016

  • 3M

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    At 3M, we apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily. With $32 billion in sales, our 90,000 employees connect with customers all around the world. The UK and Ireland is home to one of the largest 3M subsidiaries outside of the USA, employing 2,900 people across 20 locations, including 8 manufacturing sites.
    The Purification division of 3M offers a wide range of media technologies for purifying process fluids in wide ranging applications from Life Sciences, Food & Beverage industries as well as Industrial markets and potable water systems in the foodservice industry. Our team of specialists offer assistance in start-up, process optimisation and troubleshooting activities that are fully supported by our ISO accredited laboratories. This allows our customers to make sound technical choices about the best separations technology from the company’s collective experience of over 95 years in the filtration business.

  • Agilent Technologies Inc.


    Agilent Technologies Inc. is a technology leader in life sciences and diagnostics. Agilent has a strong focus on the Pharmaceutical space and provides analytical solutions to researchers ranging from sample prep to analysis. The company has 11,000 employees globally and had revenues of $4.0 billion in fiscal year 2014.

  • Aldevron



    Aldevron provides contract manufacturing and scientific services for antibody generation at the global scale. We have successfully applied our genetic immunization technology since 1999 and our custom antibodies have been referenced in numerous publications and patents from clients worldwide. Some of Aldevron’s complementary services range from peptide synthesis to antibody sequencing.
    Visit with our team to learn about our additional services including, mRNA, protein production, gene synthesis, and more. Aldevron’s mission is to advance science, and we have solutions that are designed for you.

  • Bio-Techne


    Bio-Techne is the new trade name that brings together our trusted global brands. These brands and product lines are some of the most referenced in the life science industry and include R&D Systems, Novus Biologicals, Tocris Bioscience, and ProteinSimple. We have brought these brands together as Bio-Techne to be a stronger scientific partner to help you attain your research goals.

    We offer the widest selection of high-quality reagents and instruments for the life science and diagnostic markets. Our new name represents our mission – to provide the life science community with innovative high-quality scientific tools to better understand biological processes and drive discovery.

  • Chelatac


    Chelatec provides customized services in the specific fields of radiolabeling and preclinical research. Our mission is to assist the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry along the drug development process by using the radioactive tracer for Bioanalyses, PharmacoKinetics and ADME studies
    We propose following services:
    Radioisotopic Labelling
    -Radio-Iodination of Biologicals (antibodies, ADC, proteins, peptides, antigens, ligands)
    -Customized radiolabeling
    -R&D in Nuclear Medicine: Radiopharmaceuticals for Diagnostic and Therapy
    In vitro Evaluation
    -Affinity constants, Inhibition constants
    -Cytotoxicity assays
    -Internalization assays
    In vivo Behaviour
    -Pharmacokinetics, clearance
    -Distribution (ADME) in mice or rats from various administration routes SC, IV, IP, oral, nasal
    -Whole Body Autoradiography
    The complementary services are proposed to address the need of in vivo data of drug candidates prior to the selection and drug development. A complete in-house offer based on our two dedicated lab facilities (radioactivity and animal housing) to serve our clients in a cost-effective way.


  • Chemical Computing Group Inc.


    CCG (Chemical Computing Group) is a leading supplier of software solutions for life sciences. With a proven track record in scientific innovation, CCG continues to provide state-of-the-art applications in drug discovery to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic researchers. CCG’s software platform is the Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) which is used by computational chemists, medicinal chemists and biologists in the major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies throughout the world. CCG has a very strong reputation for collaborative scientific support, maintaining support offices in both Europe and North America. Founded in 1994, CCG is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information visit:

  • Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA


    BIOVIA focuses on scientific collaborative environments for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences. The sophisticated enterprise system of modeling, simulation, laboratory and quality management enables innovation for science-based industries. BIOVIA solutions are used by more than 2,000 companies, including 10 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and 20 of the top 25 biotech companies.

  • DNA2.0


    DNA2.0 is the leading bioengineering solutions provider, offering an integrated pipeline of solutions including gene design, optimization and synthesis, and technology platforms for protein and strain engineering. DNA2.0 explores novel applications of modern machine learning in combination with industrial scale gene synthesis for the purpose of megadimensional optimization of biological systems to industrialize biotechnology. The tools and technologies developed by DNA2.0 are directly applicable to the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. protein pharmaceuticals, vaccines, gene therapy), agrochemical industry, diagnostics, food industry, and R&D throughout the life sciences. DNA2.0’s tools and solutions are fueling the transformation of biology from a discovery science to an engineering discipline. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Newark, Calif. Visit for more info.

  • Evotec

    Evotec Logo

    Evotec is a drug discovery alliance and development partnership company focused on rapidly progressing innovative product approaches with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academics, patient advocacy groups and venture capitalists. Drug discovery solutions are provided in form of fee-for-service work, integrated drug discovery alliances, development partnerships, licensing of innovative drug candidates and consulting arrangements. The Company operates worldwide and has leading scientific experts, state-of-the-art technologies as well as key therapeutic expertise in the areas of neuroscience, pain, metabolic diseases, oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases.
    Amongst a comprehensive panel of activities from target identification to preclinical candidate, Evotec offers antibody discovery and protein production services.
    Antibody Discovery – Evotec offers discovery programs for therapeutic antibodies. These programs are built on an excellent track record in drug discovery from target validation to delivery of pre-clinical drug candidates (PDCs). Evotec’s approach is to pair in-depth understanding of disease biology and target pharmacology with its own proprietary platform for generating monoclonal antibodies - EVOmAb.
    EVOmAb captures high-diversity antibodies from multiple species ready to be screened in complex cell-based assays such as phenotypic readouts or electrophysiology. Projects can further involve services such as bio-reagent development, cellular and biochemical screening, biophysical characterization incl. X-ray crystallography, in vitro and in vivo validation, translational biomarker development, and gram-scale production of PDCs in an integrated manner.
    Protein Production – Evotec offers protein production services supporting all domains of drug discovery research from small-scale production of targets to gram-scale purification of biologics. The services include i) rational construct design ii) expression and purification scouting in E.coli, insect and mammalian cells, Pichia pastoris and cell free systems iii) expression scale-up and purification.
    Routine workflows exist to support biophysical approaches like isotope labelling for NMR, stability optimization for X-ray, and tagging and in vitro labelling for SPR. These can easily be extended into assay development. In addition Evotec’s expertise enable bespoke solutions for transmembrane proteins, phospho-proteins, or larger complexes. Direct access to scientists, short turnaround timesand production sites in Europe and the US ensure successful communication and delivery on challenging projects.

  • Genewiz


    Excelling in both science and service, GENEWIZ is a leading service provider for Gene Synthesis, NGS and Sanger Sequencing.  Since 1999, our commitment is to advance research productivity through our distinctive combination of fast, reliable results, specialized expertise, competitive pricing, excellent project management and easy access to award-winning, friendly technical support. With state-of-the-art facilities at the local, national, and international levels, we value our loyal customers who have made GENEWIZ an industry leader.

  • GenScript


    GenScript is a leading biology research service company providing services and products to scientists in over 100 countries worldwide. Since its establishment in 2002, GenScript has exponentially grown to become an internationally recognized Contract Research Organization specializing in biological research and early-phase drug discovery services. GenScript has built the best-in-class capacity and capability for biological research services encompassing gene synthesis and molecular biology, peptide synthesis, custom antibodies and recombinant protein expression. In addition, GenScript has built a comprehensive antibody drug discovery platform, which includes hybridoma development, antibody sequencing, antibody humanization, affinity maturation, epitope mapping, recombinant antibody production, cell line development, process development and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, to meet all your antibody drug discovery needs.

  • Gyros


    Gyros AB is the world leader in utilization of microfluidic technologies to miniaturize and automate immunoassays. Gyros’ immunoassay platforms increase productivity and efficiency during development of biotherapeutics and vaccines, saving time, labor and sample. Major biopharmaceutical companies and their service providers utilize Gyros’ platforms to boost time-critical workflows and meet increasingly stringent regulatory demands.

  • HORIBA Scientific


    HORIBA Scientific forms a division of the HORIBA Group of companies, which provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications covering applications in the fields of Automotive, Process & Environmental Monitoring, Medical Diagnostics, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Scientific R&D and QC.
    Proven quality and trustworthy performance have established widespread confidence in the HORIBA Brand. Driven by a desire to bring improvement and benefit to the community, the search for new and innovative ideas is key to HORIBA’s success. With a strong commitment to in-house R&D and a wide range of collaborative ventures with partner companies, we seek to present a constant flow of new products and techniques.
    Within the biotechnology focus of The Protein and Antibodies Congress, HORIBA is proud to present two very innovative techniques:-
    - High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis is set to revolutionise the separation analysis of proteins, amino acids etc. Generating robust high-resolution data, this technique is inexpensive, fast, simple and label free.
    - The multiplexed approach of the XelPlex SPRi instrument, offers researchers the ultimate flexibility is label-free molecular interactions
    To see these or to discuss some of the other instruments in HORIBA’s wide range, please visit the company stand number 25 in the exhibition area, or watch out for the oral presentations!

  • IBIS Technologies


    IBIS Technologies is a privately owned company developing, producing and distributing the IBIS MX96 for label-free profiling of 96 biomolecular interactions simultaneously using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) imaging technology. The label-free and real time detection of (bio-) molecular interactions allows the instrument to be used for e.g. affinity measurements, immunoassays, binning of competing antibodies, epitope mapping of antigens and other high content diagnostics. The technology has been adopted by pharmaceutical multinationals, biotech companies and research institutes, where it has found its role in various research and screening applications.


  • IntelliCyt


    IntelliCyt enables rapid and cost effective screening and profiling of physiologically-relevant model systems using cell and/or bead-based assays. Our easy-to-use hardware, software, and reagent systems are optimized to work together to conserve precious samples, use less reagent, and to minimize time-to-answer to enhance productivity and preserve the biology of interest.

  • Isogenica



    Isogenica operates a range of state-of-the-art, proprietary, technologies for identifying therapeutic/diagnostic antibody, scaffold and peptide ligands using our scFv, VHH and custom-built libraries. Our libraries benefit from a combination of intelligent library design and precision ColibraTM library construction to create synthetic libraries with unprecedented size and functional diversity. 

  • Malvern Instruments Ltd


    Malvern’s technology and expertise supports pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research and testing, for better characterization and control of proteins and other biopolymers in solution, as well as the analysis of biological carriers used in drug delivery. The data that Malvern’s instruments provide helps accelerate research and product development, and enhances and safeguards product quality.
    Protein charge, size, mass, molecular weight and polydispersity are key measurement parameters. Malvern’s Zetasizer instruments use dynamic and static light scattering to measure size, molecular weight and protein charge; Viscotek size exclusion chromatography (SEC) systems and detectors enable the rapid, reliable characterization of molecular weight, mass and structure; Sysmex FPIA-3000 dynamic imaging allows size and shape characterization of protein aggregates and subvisible particles; the Archimedes system uses resonant mass measurement to provide particle counting capability, as well as aggregate mass determination; and the Viscosizer TD draws on capillary electrophoresis technology to enable measurement of particle size and concentration as well as formulation viscosity.
    Spanning a wide range of applications these systems are used to help identify and develop better drug candidates, improve productivity in biomanufacturing and understand protein function. This may include the characterization of antibodies and understanding protein changes in disease; measuring protein stability for formulation development; optimizing the separation of biological materials in bioprocessing; and assessing the biocomparability of protein therapeutics.

  • NanoTemper Technologies


    NanoTemper Technologies stands for strong commitment to quality and high precision instrumentation made in Germany.
    The deeply experienced and globally operating team of experts strongly focuses on the user’s benefits by ensuring maximum efficiency for research in Pharmaceutical or Biotech industries as well as in an academic basic research setting. The dedicated team of scientists offering individual application support ensures maximum benefit from the instruments capabilities.
    The company was founded as a spin off from the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) at the University of Munich (LMU) in 2008.
    After a hugely successful introduction of the Monolith NT.115 in 2010, NanoTemperTechnologies launched three more Monolith Series instruments in the following years. In 2014, NanoTemper Technologies started a new product line, the Prometheus Series instruments. In the same year, SAW Instruments GmbH has been acquired adding a third instrument line to the portfolio.
     The company, with headquarter in Munich, Germany, is rapidly expanding globally. NanoTemper instruments are used by thousands of scientists in more than 30 different countries.

  • Pepscan


    A premier provider of peptide based products & services
    Pepscan is a premier provider of peptide based products & services, including custom peptide synthesis, epitope mapping and peptide arrays. We also offer our profound knowledge of peptides for drug discovery collaborations.
    With its comprehensive range of specialty peptide services, Pepscan serves a broad range of customers, from university research groups to biotech and large pharma companies.
    Pepscan is specialized in constrained peptides, and is the inventor of the CLIPS constraining technology. Our bicyclic ‘2-CLIPS’ peptides represent a new generation of biotherapeutics, offering antibody-like affinity and selectivity in a small, fully synthetic molecule.
    Precision mapping of discontinuous or conformational epitopes
    Pepscan pioneered epitope characterization over 20 years ago with the invention of mapping with overlapping libraries of linear peptides. Since most therapeutic antibodies have non-linear epitopes, Pepscan has developed a unique, high resolution mapping technology to address conformational and even discontinuous epitopes. With single residue accuracy, and the power to assess the importance of post translational modifications, the platform is complete and robust.
    Many leading companies apply our Precision Epitope Mapping to their most promising antibodies, several of which recently received FDA breakthrough status.
    Exact epitope definition is essential for antibody selection & characterization, for IP purposes and for regulatory filings. Our technology is fast, highly accurate and very cost-effective, especially when compared to its alternatives. It allows epitope profiling from single to 100’s of antibody candidates or sera, to help you select the best and most unique, or detect patterns in recognition.
    Pepscan’s Precision Epitope Mapping offers a comprehensive services package, addressing all needs occurring in antibody or vaccine development.

  • Retrogenix Ltd.

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    Retrogenix’s cell microarray technology provides a fast, accurate and effective solution for discovering the human cell surface targets of antibodies, proteins, viruses and small molecules. This provides the critical deconvolution step for phenotypic drug discovery and uncovers high quality, exploitable drug targets for Retrogenix's global pharmaceutical clients.
    Retrogenix Cell Microarray Platform:
    -High throughput target deconvolution of antibodies and antibody fragments developed using phenotypic screening approaches
    -Discovery of secondary/off-target activities – reducing toxicity-based attrition and aiding decision-making
    -Identification of receptors for natural protein ligands, peptides or viruses
    Retrogenix’s unrivalled success is achieved using its proprietary cell microarray technology to screen molecules for interactions against the most comprehensive set of human plasma membrane proteins available in the context of human cells. This provides a biologically-relevant system for specific interactions to be rapidly detected with a high degree of sensitivity.

  • Roche

    ROCHE Logo

    Roche Custom Biotech provides products and services to the Diagnostic Industry, Life Science Industry and PharmBiotech Industry. Enzymes, substrates and reagent components are key products for manufacturers of clinical chemistry, immunological and molecular diagnostic kits.
    Enzymes for cleavage and glycoengineering of proteins, PCR-based kits for microbiolgical quality control are used for biopharmaceutical production. Cedex Bio and Cedex Bio HT Analyzers are provided for the monitoring of substrates and metabolites in bioprocesses. The Cedex HiRes Analyzer allows the monitoring of mammalian cell growth and viability.
    Building on decades of experience as a diagnostics and pharmaceutical manufacturer, Roche Custom Biotech provides a broad range of products and services for manufacturing of enzymes, antibodies and biopharmaceuticals.
    Our product portfolio includes analyzers for the monitoring of cell growth and viability, bioprocess analyzers for the determination of media composition, PCR-based kits based on rapid microbiological methods for Quality Control, products for the glycoengineering of proteins and selective cleavage of proteins.

  • Schrödinger


    Schrödinger is the scientific leader in computational chemistry, providing software solutions and services for life science and materials science research, as well as enterprise-level software platforms. Schrödinger is committed to unparalleled product development and support. Founded in 1990, Schrödinger has operations within the US and in Europe, India, and Japan.

  • Sigma-Aldrich Chemie GmbH, a company of Merck Group


    Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees work to further develop technologies that improve and enhance life. With a catalog of more than 300,000 products, our Life Science business delivers many of the most highly-respected brands in the industry, such as Millipore, Milli-Q, SAFC and BioReliance. Our offering covers every step of the biotech production chain, creating a complete end-to-end workflow with enhanced customer service, a simplified interface and a leading distribution platform. Our innovative portfolio, well-balanced geographic reach, and industry leading capabilities, uniquely positions us to anticipate and deliver on customer needs. Our Life Science business brings together the legacy expertise of Merck’s life science portfolio and Sigma-Aldrich, which was acquired by Merck in 2015.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.


    Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies innovative solutions for the world’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. With applications that span the drug development process – from drug discovery through large-scale commercial production – we provide a broad range of products and services including single-use technologies, cell culture media, purification and analytics.

  • TTP Labtech

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    TTP Labtech is a world leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications. It offers products that minimise assay volumes and optimise workflows in its three product areas; sample management, liquid handling and fluorescence cytometry.
    Based on our industry-proven laser scanning technology TTP Labtech’s mirrorball is a highly versatile fluorescence cytometer that transforms the efficiency of antibody screening through streamlined, reliable and economical workflows.
    Automation-friendly, no-wash screening protocols facilitate throughputs up to 40 microplates in an 8 hour day to make light work of hit identification and characterisation. Enhance productivity further through sol-R™ colour-coded bead, adherent-, or suspension cell multiplexing to: combine antibody selectivity and specificity screens into one, or determine functional efficacy in downstream phenotypic assays.
    Data integrity, system reliability and economical operation are at the forefront of the no fluidics design. mirrorball’s image-based approach suits the needs of a screening environment by removing the potential for carry-over between samples, delays and data loss from system blockage. In addition, cost concerns associated with cell supply (as few as 200/test), routine/daily maintenance and the requirement for specialist operators are alleviated.
    mirrorball: accelerating antibody discovery through enabling the rapid progression of promising antibody candidates with confidence and within budget.


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